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Facial Reflexology (Bergman Method)

A great stress buster with the added benefit of brightening the complexion and leaving the face looking smoother and more toned.

Have you ever considered how much tension and stress we hold in our face? This treatment is wonderfully relaxing and aims to release the tension in the face as well as support your body and help it reach a state of balance. It works on the same principles as foot reflexology, stimulating specific reflex points on the face.

The Bergman Method pioneered by Ziggie Bergman has received extensive media coverage and accolades from Tatler magazine, Harpers Bazaar, and the Telegraph among others.

What To Expect
After being made comfortable on the couch your hair will be secured back from your face with a hair band and your face will be wiped free of makeup (mascara can be left on). A few drops of rejuvenating Neals Yard Facial Rose oil will be smoothed over your face followed by some relaxing massage movements before working through the whole body via a series of reflex points on the face to relieve tension, improve well being and promote deep relaxation.

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