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Hot Stone Reflexology

An indulgent and nurturing treatment, warm stones help to relax the body at its deepest level promoting:

harmony and balance.
Calming the senses
Helping relax muscle tension

Warm stones have been used as a therapeutic tool for massage for centuries with evidence dating back to ancient Egypt, China, Japan, South America and Australia.

The potential benefits of hot stones include:
heat penetrates to a much deeper level than finger pressure, and may reach up to 7-8cms into the superficial layer of muscle. This brings about physiological changes as well as improving energy flow;
improved blood circulation & lymphatic drainage;
promotes the release & elimination of toxins;
boosts immunity and the lymphatic function;
relieves tension in connective tissues;
reduces muscular tension which will help muscles to relax and repair more efficiently;
it is warming, deeply relaxing & soothing helping to melt away any tension or anxiety;
helps to bring about a balance of body as well as mind.

How are Hot Stones used in Reflexology
Basalt stones (from volcanic rock) are used and heated at a controlled temperature. Basalt is a high density stone and retains heat well. The stones are applied to the skin at a comfortable temperature and can be used to to carry out a complete reflexology treatment or to enhance a traditional reflexology treatment. The heat penetrates to a much deeper level than....................................................

Using Cold Stones in Reflexology
Cold stones may also be used during a reflexology treatment to help with:
easing inflammation;
sinus congestion;
muscle strain;
improves immune function;
invigorating and refreshing

What to expect during a Reflexology Treatment Incorporating Hot Stones:
Hot Stones are used at the beginning and end of the treatment followed by a conventional Reflexology treatment. The heat from the stones quickly open the reflex pathways bringing about a much deeper level of relaxation than reflexology alone. The stones may also be used on areas that may appear tender or congested.

What to expect during a Full Hot Stone Reflexology Treatment:

For an invigorating treatment, or to soothe headaches and injuries and ease pain and sinus congestion, Cold Stones may be used to replace the Hot Stones.

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